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ASU School of Public Affairs

Committee to Untangle Why Universities Far Outpace Federal Labs in Commercializing Work

Thousands of scientists are hard at work across the country, but their innovations don’t always make it out of their labs.

ASU School of Public Affairs

Graduate Hopes to Make a Difference in Immigration Policy

“I’ve seen through my master’s all the tools and best practices and other dimensions I think we can apply to our advocacy,” Williams said.

ASU School of Public Affairs

A Student's Passionate Pursuit of a Life in Public Service

Frank Smith III arrived at Arizona State University knowing what he planned to be when he grew up. That changed several months later, and so did the trajectory of Smith’s academic career.

Fewer People Are Getting Degrees in Public Service

It's hard to say, though, whether this is a temporary adjustment or a long-term trend.

Which Metro Areas Have the Most Graduate Degrees?

More Americans are earning graduate degrees. See how your area compares to others.

Understanding the Value of the MPA and MPP Degree

What are the benefits to a degree that puts you on a government career track?