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Reopening the Economy Under COVID-19: Tracking Containment

All states have begun phased reopening. An updated version of an earlier Governing resource page provides new maps that offer instant insight into progress toward COVID-19 containment in each state.

Offices Try, but Fail, to Keep Workers Socially Distanced

While many who can are working from home, those that have returned to an office space have found it difficult to stay six feet apart. Some companies find sensors and plexiglass aren’t strong enough to overcome human nature.

Some Missouri Counties Haven’t Yet Received Any COVID Aid

Several county health departments have not received enough or any funding to assist in the battle against the pandemic. As the state’s case count keeps rising, extra funding is critical, according to public officials.

Accenture Announces Vaccine Management Tech for Government

Partially built on the Salesforce platform, Accenture is offering a new set of tools and consulting services for health departments and other agencies to meet unprecedented demand for a vaccine.

Alabama’s Poor Communities Are Being Left Out of Online Life

While the average Internet speed is around 100 megabits per second, some of the state’s Black Belt communities have only 0.16 mbs. As the pandemic forces life online for work and school, the poor neighborhoods get left behind.

Most of California’s Gig Workers Don’t Have Enough Work

Many rideshare drivers were relying on their gig work as their primary source of income, and then the pandemic forced many to stop working. As COVID continues, many worry how much longer they can survive.

North Dakota State Agencies Eye COVID-Related Lease Savings

More than 7,200 out of 8,500 state employees continue to telework, providing the state an opportunity to shrink its office footprint, and potentially saving $1.2 million annually in Bismarck office rental payments.

CARES Money to Fund Free Wi-Fi Projects Near Dayton, Ohio

Several communities in the Dayton area will use federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act funds to offer public Wi-Fi access. The pandemic has reinforced the need for reliable Internet in the region.

Ohio Communities Use Relief Funds to Install Public Wi-Fi

Dayton and Yellow Springs are among several cities that are using some of their CARES Act funding to expand broadband access. Dayton plans to spend $1.4 million in certain neighborhoods lacking high-speed connectivity.

Oklahoma City Gives More Funds to Minority Small Businesses

The city council has approved $2.75 million from the city’s CARES Act funding to support Black business owners who weren’t eligible for aid from federal pandemic relief programs.

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Serving Citizens During COVID-19 and Beyond

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Free and Open: Accelerating Innovation in the Battle Against COVID-19

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The Next Phase of the Digitally Agreeable Government

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Communicate; Make a Decision; Communicate

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Teleworking Future Brings Challenges – and Benefits – for Government

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Expanded Payment Capability to Support More Online SNAP Purchases Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Company partners with USDA as the department authorizes online SNAP e-commerce for 13 additional states.

4 Ways VMware is enabling Business Continuity for Government & Education Customers

We’ve all spoken about and planned for a pandemic for years, but now it is real. How does government and education provide “Continuity of Operations” (CooP) in this pandemic?

Confronting Edge Security Needs of the New Work-from-Home Normal

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The Next Normal in Higher Education: CIO Plans for Return to Campus

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Digital Transformation: Modernizing the Public Sector Workforce Through Technology to Continue Delivering Better Citizen Outcomes in a Post-COVID World

In recent years, the rate of technological advancement and its ubiquity has grown even further, and citizens are increasingly expecting more convenient, digital experiences from healthcare, work, and even public services.

Free Online Elastic Stack and Elasticsearch Training: Anytime, Anywhere, On-Demand

We are offering a variety of on-demand Elastic training courses for free — featuring 11 titles that span observability, security, and Elastic Stack administration.

Achieving the Mission: State and Local Public Safety

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Enterprise Risk Management: Give Cybersecurity a Seat at the Table

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The State of Utah Uses Adobe Sign to Accelerate Telework During Crisis

With dual disasters, multiple areas of Utah residents’ lives were impacted, but fortunately, the State of Utah had digital solutions in place, enabling them to continue vital services. Almost immediately, residents were able to access these much-needed government services.

Government Contact Center Crisis Strategy Guide

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