Crisis Response Initiative

Equipping state and local leaders with tactics and resources to respond in a crisis.

The strategic view from key industry players.

Q&A from Key Industry Experts

A Message from IBM

The COVID-19 coronavirus presents an unprecedented, global challenge. When citizens are doing their part by social distancing, healthcare workers and first responders are taking care of many of us, and our governments are mobilizing resources to respond to this crisis, we’ve asked ourselves what can we do at IBM? Of course, we are taking care of our employees to protect their health and safety — and they enable us to take care of our clients around the world, sustaining the digital operations of the world’s most critical organizations. But we know we can do more.

So, we are marshaling our resources and bringing together the right communities of experts — clients, governments, scientists, developers, partners, academic institutions, health agencies and IBMers — to work together, and manage through the COVID-19 outbreak with what we do best — applying data, knowledge, computing power and insights to solve difficult problems. Here, we’ll update you on our initiatives — and more will be added as we make progress.

Together, as a community, we can find our way through this. IBM and IBMers are with you.


A Message from Cisco

At Cisco, we’re embracing a culture of consciousness, rapidly shifting priorities and resources to better serve our communities by committing nearly $300 million to support pandemic response efforts with technology, financial assistance, and personal protective equipment. This includes our employees and CEO donating industry-leading video collaboration units to empower hospitals and triage stations with secure real-time video capabilities that can speed response and information sharing. We’re also using advanced 3D printing technologies to manufacture personal protective equipment for frontline workers.

Beyond the epicenters of the crisis, we’re transforming our annual Cisco Live event into a two day virtual event open to all, enabling Public Sector workers to experience a shared sense of community safely from their homes, and explore technologies to help their communities address the pandemic and its aftermath. For our employees, we’re flexing work schedules so they can serve their children and elderly parents. Plus, were’ providing a mental health day, with pay, so our employees can focus on their own needs.

As we embrace this culture of consciousness, Cisco remains committed to supporting continuity of operations for our partners in government and education by providing the solutions, services, and support your agency needs to quickly and securely address evolving conditions in your community. During the ongoing shift to a hybrid work environment for many organizations, we’re here to help you rapidly and securely expand your existing networks and remote endpoints to enable advanced communications and collaboration tools for working from any location. At Cisco, we’re helping the public sector stay securely connected — today and into the future.


A Message from VMware

We are living through a stressful and tumultuous time, one in which there will be no quick return to “business as usual.” COVID-19 has thrown into sharp relief a truth that government agencies already know too well. Mission readiness requires not only mastering the challenges of today, but always being ready for what might come next.

On the technology front, this requires solutions that are agile and elastic, and that drive the design and delivery of agency services that quickly adapt to ever-changing community needs. Ensuring the safety and well-being of our customers, partners, and employees is a top priority at VMware. Like you, we are learning and evolving in real-time: enabling more than 30,000 employees to work from home, moving events online where possible, deploying secure remote proctoring of certification exams, and more.

We stand firmly behind our customers and employees who are finding ways big and small to make a difference:

  • The Vanderbilt University Medical Center staff that quickly transformed a parking garage into a COVID-19 screening area
  • Ohio’s state healthcare system that built pop-up testing clinics using VMware SD-WAN
  • The VMware teams who found a way to make it easier to contribute idle computing cycles to the Folding@Home Project which aids in drug research
  • The VMware employee who founded Resource19 to connect PPE suppliers to hospitals

We are deeply proud of these efforts. VMware is honored to be a trusted transformation partner to a range of government agencies across the United States. We understand the unique constraints facing today’s agency technologists and remain committed to delivering solutions that are innovative, resilient, and built for mission success.