Demonstrating the value of economic inclusion to cities’ long-term economic vitality and national competitiveness

Local Business and Job Growth

Podcast: Making Critical Resources More Available

How the City of El Paso leveraged partnerships and the local library to support small business growth

Podcast: Creating Culturally Specific Strategies to Better Serve Citizens

How the city of Rochester gained a better understanding of its history and demographics to design programs that meet business owners’ and residents’ needs

Podcast: Building a Narrative in Cities Throughout the Country

Lessons Learned in How to Empower Businesses of Color

Podcast: Informing, Legitimizing, and Capitalizing MWBEs

How the city of Newark is making sure entrepreneurs of color are at the forefront of business expansion and real estate development

Creating an Atlanta Where All Entrepreneurs Can Thrive

Helping small businesses succeed amidst rising real estate costs

Changing the Labels of Newark

From “Brick City” to “Renaissance City,” Mayor Ras Baraka and his economic development team are rebranding Newark to focus on tech-driven wealth generation and establishing New Jersey’s first land bank.

From Company Town to a Town of Companies

How Rochester, NY, is using entrepreneurism to build a more inclusive economy

How El Paso, Texas, is Working to Support Small Business Development

By partnering with community organizations, the city is making it easier for business owners to access capital, training and other resources.

Long Beach Strengthens its Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: The City of Opportunity for Workers, Investors, and Entrepreneurs

Long Beach is partnering with trusted community-based organizations to help entrepreneurs start up, stay up, and scale up.

Turning Moxie Into Money: How Cities Can Use Targeted Investments to Help Local Businesses Thrive

Detroit's Motor City Match program is a model other cities should emulate.

Distressed Cities Find Hope in Federal 'Opportunity Zones'

A new program may be a boon to struggling cities -- if it targets the right ones.

Want to Build a Better Business Ecosystem? Do What This City Did.

Over the past decade, San Antonio has made a concerted effort to strengthen and grow its local business community.

Why Losing Out on Amazon HQ2 Isn't So Bad for Cities

A new study points to evidence that luring a large corporation isn’t the best way to spur job growth.

Cultivating the Ecosystem for Homegrown Businesses

Announcing the newest round of cities that will engage in the ongoing City Accelerator project.

Each of These Cities Wants to Grow Its Local Network of Entrepreneurs

Announcing the finalists for this year's City Accelerator initiative.