Watch: 4 Cities Talk About How They Innovated to Improve Equity

As participants in the City Accelerator initiative, these four cities have created smart, successful programs to better serve their residents.

Creating Systems Change in Your City: 4 Lessons From the Front Lines

After helping a dozen cities implement policy innovations through the City Accelerator initiative, these experts offer some best practices.

Evaluating City Accelerator: Outcomes and Stories from Cohort on Engagement

What the Evaluators Saw: What the Cities Did, How They Did It, and Why It Matters

Reflections on Innovation

Some observations after nearly four years of reporting on the City Accelerator

The Transformation from Convict to Councilwoman

The story of Demetrus Coonrod reinforces the efforts of Baltimore to engage citizens returning from incarceration.

Civic Engagement Success

We revisit Atlanta’s efforts to include its low-income residents in a major capitol redevelopment project.

How Roanoke Rocks Civic Engagement

The city proves that a “one-man show” mixed with a little creativity and innovation is sometimes all it takes to connect with the public.

Equity: Trending but Not Trendy

Equity is not a new word to public policy discussion but its recent popularity reflects a change in perspective

What It Means to Get Engaged: A Roadmap for Cities

New resources available for cities that aim to develop and kick-start a robust public engagement strategy.

A Conversation with Cities: Mayors on Catalyzing Collaboration & Engaging Citizens

How cities are tapping into their strongest natural resource -- their citizens.

Public Engagement, the Seattle Way

The cohort 2 city is sharpening tools and building trust.

Tearing Down the 'Town and Gown' Divide

Relationships with academia are important in Baltimore's and Atlanta's City Accelerator programs.

What We Should Mean When We Talk About Citizen Engagement

Getting people to care about their communities is far more important than grabbing their attention for a measurable metric.

The Iron Cage and the Ivory Tower

It's time for government and universities to effectively partner.

Pokemon Go! and the Problem With Data

As public interactions are driven by data, government has an obligation to make that information accessible.

Civic Technology and the Pursuit of Happiness

Government's work should not end with making happy customers. That's where it should begin.

In New Orleans, a Health Plan for the Poor Comes Together

Hurricane Katrina destroyed “Big Charity,” but the Big Easy has something better.

Change in Local Government: Moving Beyond Good Intentions

Programs to help the poor mean nothing if they don't work.

Rewriting the Rules of Public Engagement

Public meetings can be like purgatory. Cities are showing us there’s a better way.

A Philanthropic Nudge for Civic Innovation

Cities are doing it for themselves but not by themselves.

What Can Product Managers Do for Your City?

Chances are you already have people in your department playing this role, if only informally.

Human-Centered Design for Government

This approach inspires innovation and helps build tools that people actually enjoy using.

Beyond Shovelware: Finding the Right Tools for Engagement

City governments face increased demand to “do engagement,” without the corresponding investment in capacity.

Crisis Meets Opportunity in Baltimore

Looking to curb violence, city leaders are charting a path for incarcerated people to successfully re-enter society.

Improving Public Engagement: 5 Cities Get to Work

The communities of Cohort II of the City Accelerator convene in Baltimore to share updates of their respective initiatives.

Cities Marked by Devastation Rise Again

New Orleans and Detroit have little in common -- except their ability to persevere.

Being Local in an Interdependent World

Regional planning shows communities can be better, together.

Haunted by the Eternal Digital Record

The court of public opinion is ever-more swift and damning.

Taking the Long View

Civic innovation and investment will undoubtedly bring challenges and criticisms, but leaders are wise to stay the course.

And Divided We Fall

To prosper, cities must address their neighborhoods of neglect -- where poverty, unemployment and failing education is the status quo.

Seattle Has Always Had Pizzazz: What Gives?

Seattle has a history of being a magnet for both entrepreneurial success and creative thinkers. What can we learn from it?

3 Things Cities Should Do to Be Competitive

Urban areas must strategize to vie for future economic growth.

Albuquerque’s Driver for Economic Growth: Untapped Citizen Potential

New Mexico’s biggest city is supporting immigrant and indigenous populations in their business endeavors.

10 Years After Katrina, New Orleans’ Spirit Inspires

The disaster permanently altered lives, but the city continues to find innovative ways to rebuild.

A Year in the Life of the City Accelerator

It's time for a recap and review of this philanthropic, collaborative startup that has put down roots in eight cities so far.

The Electrifying Rhetoric of Election Season -- Or, the Trump Effect

Politics is a messy business, but fierce competition can fuel innovation.

Mayors Come and Go, But Good Ideas Should Stick

Upcoming elections will test the sustainability of mayors’ innovation initiatives.

The City of No-Frills Innovation

Ten years after Katrina, New Orleans is solving municipal challenges and improving lives.

Finding Answers to Housing Affordability Over Coffee

We have energetic citizens who want to help solve problems -- we just have to listen.

311: A New Use for a Not-So-New Tool

Sometimes engaging citizens is as simple as solving their problems.

If Civic Engagement Is Boring, You're Probably Doing It Wrong

History can provide some lessons in making it actually engaging.

4 Important Lessons From 40 Years of Civic Engagement

It doesn't have to be a hellish public process.

Can Cities Learn a Civic Engagement Lesson From the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’?

Passionate public participation -- combined with technology -- can be powerful

Bringing Back ‘Baltimore is Best!'

No stranger to hard times, Baltimore looks to new ideas to rise from the ashes.

Seattle's Next Experiment in Urban Planning: Inclusive Engagement

Seattle is tapping technology to reach previously unheard from -- and often culturally diverse -- citizens.

From Popsicles to Pop Music: Albuquerque Bets on Small-Scale Entrepreneurs

Supporting diverse businesses is the cornerstone of the city’s plan to spark economic mobility.

A Laboratory for Social Change

After being devastated by Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans is creating a more effective, equitable health system and reinvigorating all segments of its community.

Building on a Proud History of City Planning and Civic Engagement

Atlanta faces the dynamics of development head on as one of the cities chosen in City Accelerator’s Cohort 2.

From Civic Engagement to Meaningful Engagement

City Accelerator’s Cohort 2 cities embark on their journeys to improve their citizens' quality of life.

The Role of Whimsy and the Rise of the Metro Data Geek in Nashville's Innovation Practices

Nashville's co-chief innovation officer on the city's key takeaways from the City Accelerator.

A Spotlight on Nashville's Serendipity Practice

City leaders spark innovation in creative ways in this country music community.

Understanding the Timing and Rhythm of Innovation

As a city with a big history, Louisville is building on its achievements to diminish the debilitating remnants of poverty in its community.

Want to Help People in Poverty? Meet Them Where They Are

To be successful in reaching the poor, common-sense communication often prevails.

Why Trauma-Informed Housing Is Key to Solving Homelessness

“Housing First” initiatives can fall short if other resources aren't in place for individuals suffering from complex problems.

From the Big (and Small) Screen to Real Life

New Orleans, Los Angeles and Albuquerque are writing their own stories to improve citizens' lives.

Historic Cities Rally to Become Centers of Innovation

Watch and review cities’ plans to inspire citizen participation.

How Minneapolis and Seattle Hope to Be Places of Opportunity for All

Watch and review both cities' plans to increase citizen involvement and decrease income inequality through the City Accelerator.

Reinvigorating Local Democracy

The City Accelerator is helping cities engage residents for better results.

Civic Engagement Expected to Shine in Round 2 of City Accelerator

The initiative's leader shares his aspirations as the next round kicks off this week.

Evaluating Policy Takes Too Long: Here's What You Can Do About It

Governments can use this approach from the world of design to help them effectively and quickly evaluate new policies.