Meaningful Engagement Matters.

When city governments meaningfully engage their residents they not only gain a valuable perspective on the toughest challenges cities face, but they build (or repair) the trust they need to govern effectively. The Revitalizing Community Engagement cohort proved that government works best when it creates opportunities for residents to shape unfinished solutions or imperfect services. Albuquerque, Atlanta, Baltimore, New Orleans, and Seattle went beyond one-way communication, strategically using technology, with hard-to-reach residents to leverage expertise from community members who tend to be affected by local government decisions on policy and service delivery without being consulted.

The resources on this page are for cities who are willing to experiment, the local leaders ready to take risks and the municipalities directing their attention and resources in service of a more effective government. If you and your city team understands that the solutions for today’s toughest problems aren’t found in some hidden corner of city hall but rather co-developed with residents and community stakeholders, download Accelerating Public Engagement for strategies and a game tested by our five-city cohort.

The companion website includes a suite of additional resources

The Toolkit is an interactive survey that generates ideas for structuring your engagement process and provides hands-on activities you can try yourself

The Case Studies focus on the cities who made up the City Accelerator cohort, and provide compelling examples of how to put theory into action.

The Game, “Chart the Course,” is an interactive learning exercise in the form of a board game for teams leading an engagement process. Yes, a board game.

Read the Running Commentary and Analysis from their 18-month journey.