Measuring Up 2.0

First published nearly a decade ago, Measuring Up introduced thousands of public managers to the then-new concept of performance management in the public sector. It delighted readers who appreciated its real-world examples and explanations delivered with humor and irreverence, while deeply disappointing those seeking a seven-pound tome written in academic-ese with hundreds of pages of footnotes calculated to induce somnolence.

Unlike so many management fads, performance measurement has proved to have staying power, helping those in government learn to target resources to make their operations not only work more efficiently but also deliver better services to the people who count on them. In the years since the publication of the first edition of Measuring Up, much has been learned about how to employ it effectively — lessons that those who have embarked on performance measurement programs can share with those just beginning to explore this powerful management tool.

Like Measuring Up 1.0, the second edition is warrantied to be footnote-free — and to offer the same high water-absorption properties when placed under the reader’s geranium.