A Simple Way to Explain Health Care Reform

Does thinking about health care reform make your head hurt? A video by the Kaiser Family Foundation makes things easy.
by | September 22, 2010 AT 9:00 AM

Does talking about health care reforms make your head hurt or go above your head? Maybe one remedy is to get back to basics. A cool video from the Kaiser Family Foundation explains what exactly is going to happen to Main Street prior to and after 2014. And because its cartoon-based (who doesn't love cartoons?), it's a fun (and informative) clip to pass around to colleagues and family. Scroll to 2:50 for a description of what the Affordable Care Act really does and to 4:53 for an easy way to explain state health care exchanges.

Or if you're worried about watching 'toons at your desk, Kaiser also provides a pdf transcript of the changes.

(h/t Mike Allen, Politico's Playbook)

Tina Trenkner
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