Saying his agency doesn't "intend to be used in a political battle about the governor," Reggie Lloyd, head of South Carolina's State Law Enforcement Division, says he has found no evidence of crime related to Governor Mark Sanford's trips to visit his mistress.

SLED reviewers had access to Sanford's personal financial documents because the governor volunteered them, not because they had any probable cause to request them, Lloyd said.

"The man has been very open with us," he said.


"What he did on his own personal time doesn't require him to pay back anything," Lloyd said. "He did that for his own reasons. There was no legal requirement that he pay back any of that."

In other good news for the governor -- who continues to insist he will stay on as governor, Jenny Sanford today issued a statement saying, in part, "I am willing to forgive Mark for his actions."

The Sanford family will spend the holiday weekend together in Florida, visiting the first lady's parents.

The prospective publisher of a Sanford book on fiscal conservatism, however, was less forgiving, releasing Sanford from his contract.