AP is reporting that Gov. Mark Sanford wanted more time and meetings in Argentina during last year's trade mission, citing a state Commerce Department spokesman. The trip originally was supposed to be Brazil only, but Commerce Secretary Joe Taylor wanted to do some hunting in Argentina and invited the governor along. The governor wanted meetings in Buenos Aires instead.

At the cabinet meeting today, Sanford apologized to the assembled officials, "directly to Commerce Secretary Joe Taylor for 'putting y'all in a bad spot for what was a legitimate trip,'" The State reports.

In the meeting, Sanford noted that David didn't resign as king of Judea after seeing Bathsheba in the bath and impregnating her.

I have been doing a lot of soul searching on that front. What I find interesting is the story of David, and the way in which he fell mightily, he fell in very very significant ways. But then picked up the pieces and built from there.

ETV has video of the meeting.

Also, AP quotes Jenny Sanford as saying she'd warned the governor not to see his mistress prior to his trip of recent days.

Jenny Sanford told The Associated Press that she discovered Gov. Mark Sanford's affair in January when she found a letter from him to the other woman. She said she told him to end the affair and he agreed to.

She said that when the governor told her recently he needed time alone to write, she specifically warned him not to visit the mistress. She was shocked to learn this week that he'd gone to Argentina to do just that.

Here's 2001 video of said mistress Maria Belen Chapur, from her days as a broadcast journalist. The Charleston Post and Courier has a piece rounding up the current tidbits of accumulated knowledge about Chapur.