Can a city be led based on the best ideas of mayors in other cities? Adrian Fenty, the incoming mayor of Washington, seems intent on finding out.

He has been meeting with other mayors about borrowable ideas, several of which he's already announced plans to adopt.

Fenty says his top priority will be mending the city's crummy public schools. He would like to achieve a mayoral takeover of the district, as happened in New York in Chicago.

He would also like to borrow the "CitiStat" managerial oversight system of Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley (the incoming governor of Maryland), which he says he'll call CapStat.

Fenty also plans, The Washington Post reports, on borrowing not just the ideas but also the infrastructure of other mayors. During his transition, Fenty lifted the open "bullpen" office space configuration idea of New York's Michael Bloomberg, and the city will spend $200,000 reconfiguring the mayoral office space to sit Fenty amidst his deputies and other staff.

"When you are cordoned off, you go up to your office and you don't see anybody, and you have no idea what's going on except by getting on the phone and calling people," Fenty told the paper. "Here, I'm right in the middle and know instantly what's going on."