South Carolina Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer has issued a cagey statement that does not call for Gov. Mark Sanford to resign:

However, do not look to me to be engaging or joining in calls one way or the other as they relate to Governor Sanford.

From my perspective it's simply counterproductive. My focus is on my responsibilities, and what I can do to help our state -- and our citizens -- as we struggle to revive our great state, recover our pride, and begin moving forward.

Another Sanford nemesis, Sen. Jakey Knotts, also leaves the ball in Sanford's court.

Sen. Jake Knotts, R- West Columbia, is calling for SLED and the Senate Judiciary Committee to investigate ... He said he would not call for Sanford's resignation because he wants the governor to do come to that decision on his own.

"We need a face on South Carolina other than Mark Sanford," Knotts said.

Jay Ragley, until recently the executive director of the South Carolina GOP, does add his voice to the chorus calling for resignation. State Rep. Joe McEachern becomes the latest Democratic lawmaker to call for resignation.