The Washington Post ran a soft as mush profile of incoming D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty in one of its Sunday lifestyle sections. It does contain one revealing moment, as Fenty describes one of his early dates with his future wife:

"She calls this our 'pearl-in-the-grass date,' " Fenty confides. "We were walking along, and I saw a pearl in the grass and I picked it up. Later I sent it to her with a memo."

A memo?

Fenty laughs. "No, no, no, not a memo. That's what I send now. No, I sent her a card, a love card, telling her that she was my pearl in the grass."

We wonder whether city department directors will say after receiving angry missives from the mayor, "Dammit, I just got a love card from Fenty."

P.S. I suppose I should note that I used to do freelance work for the article's writer.