It's Time For Reader Requests

Let's start a dialogue about change in the public sector.
by , | July 13, 2011 AT 5:55 PM

Our hope for Public Great has always been to create a community of change agents for the public sector. We want to engage, inspire and support people trying to make a difference in the public sector. We'd like to amp up the community aspect of Public Great by doing a slight format change.

Bill and I have played in rock bands most of our lives, even together for many years. For the most part, we played the songs we wanted to play (or the ones the singer made us play). Sometimes the audience liked it, and sometimes we had to duck to avoid the beer bottles flying at the stage. But usually we were just guessing and hoping we played songs that people liked. 
The solution of course, was to take requests. The audience threw out song titles, and if we knew them we gave it a shot. If we didn't know them we turned up the instruments louder and pretended we did. 
So we are in the all-request portion of our time together at Public Great. We've played a lot of our tunes for you (and you can hear even more hits in Ken's new book Extreme Government Makeover). Now we want to focus more on you. What do you want to know? What issue are you facing that you would like our advice? Or the advice of the Public Great community? 
Here's how it will work. We will start with a theme. This month we will stay on the theme of "Customers in Government." So if you have questions about how to measure customer satisfaction without surveys, or how to balance competing customer interests, or you simply can't figure out who the customer is in your complex environment, e-mail them to us at We will sift through them and then based on quantity try to respond as quickly and frequently as needed. The author of the original question will remain anonymous and we will open up the discussion board for each question so the Public Great community can offer their advice as well. 
By harnessing the expertise of the amazing people in the public sector, we can all work together to fix the broken systems of this noble work. 
So, what do you want to know?