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Nearly 6,000 state legislators are up for election this year. Visit GOVERNING's Election Center 2012 to view our maps and data with seats and party control for each legislature.
by | February 8, 2012 AT 8:00 PM

Control of several state legislatures will soon be up for grabs as many states with narrow majorities hold contests in November.

Nearly 6,000 state legislators across the country are up for election this year, slightly less than the total in 2010.

With elections looming, GOVERNING has launched an interactive tool with up-to-date information on seats for all state legislatures and governor’s offices. Click the map below to view totals and partisan breakdowns for each state legislature.

Republicans hope to continue adding to majorities in most states. Democrats aim to reverse some of their losses from 2010, when Republicans picked up at least 660 seats, according to

Republicans currently control 31 of 49 state houses and 29 state senates. They enjoy control of both state legislative chambers and the governor’s office in 22 states.

Democrats hold majorities in 17 state houses and 18 state senates, with complete majorities in 11 states.

We’ll be adding numbers of open seats and additional info – so be sure to check back for updates.

The map can also be found GOVERNING’s new Election Center 2012 site, which features state and local political and campaign news, and poll results from our reader surveys.

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Having a majority of seats in play in a year when many states have newly-drawn districts could greatly change the composition of statehouses. Will Republican state legislators be able to hold and extend their reach? Could Democrats regain some of the losses handed to them in 2010? Governing’s team of writers and contributors will monitor developments all the way up to Election Day and beyond.

Click a state in the above map to display current breakdowns for each state legislature.


Information current as of January 2012