Compare Public Employee Figures for Your State

New census estimates detail each state's public workforce. Use our data tool to view figures for your state and see how they compare to the private sector.
by | September 30, 2011 AT 7:15 PM

Government workers are scattered all throughout the country in varying amounts.

With new census data, we're able to pinpoint areas with the highest concentrations of public employees in relation to those working in the private sector.

As reported in yesterday's story, the numbers vary significantly among different states. Public employees range from 27.6 percent of the total workforce in the District of Columbia to 11.9 percent in Pennsylvania.

The following states had the top 10 highest percentage of public employees:

  1. District of Columbia (27.6%):    82,584
  2. Alaska (27.3%):    92,059
  3. New Mexico (24.1%):    209,031
  4. Maryland (23%):    662,380
  5. Hawaii (22%):    140,358
  6. Virginia (21.6%):    822,926
  7. Wyoming (21.4%):   59,922
  8. Mississippi (20.5%):  240,591
  9. West Virginia (20%):    149,102
  10. North Dakota (18.3%):    66,333

The Census Bureau compiled these estimates using surveys conducted in 2010. Public employee numbers are for those working at all levels of government.

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Source: U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey