Judy Baker  |  Senior Fellow

Judy is an experienced health-care executive, policymaker, consultant, adjunct professor, health economist and lawmaker. Her executive positions include public and private integrated health-care delivery systems. As a state lawmaker from 2005-2009, she was ranking member of the budget, health care and education committees in the Missouri General Assembly, after which she was a Democratic nominee for Congress. From 2009-2012, she served as the Regional Director, Region 7, for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, in the office of the Secretary. In 2006, Judy was selected as an “Emerging Health Care Leader” by the National Council of State Legislators. She has taught economics at Columbia College and Health Policy at the University of Missouri. She has been senior executive management (CEO or COO) for both small and large private businesses with up to 115 employees. Currently, Judy consults for a health-care IT startup and a biotech startup, as well as governmental agencies and foundations on policy development and innovative models for financing social entrepreneurship. She has subject matter expertise in health reform, innovative health-care payment models (ACOs, Medical Homes, Bundled Payments, etc.) and Social Impact Bonds. She is a frequent guest lecturer and speaker on health care and policy issues.