Quentin Wilson  |  Governing Institute Senior Fellow

Quentin Wilson led numerous initiatives in the State of Missouri to improve performance and reduce cost.  Working under three successive governors, he led customer- and outcome-driven initiatives in economic development, tax administration, motor vehicle regulation and higher education.  As state Cabinet Director, he and his interagency team guided similar projects in the departments of natural resources, transportation, corrections and social services. Achievements under his direction included cost savings of more than $200 million, developing and implementing the first statewide strategic plan for economic development, focusing on technology and workforce development and, as Missouri’s Director of Revenue, becoming the first department in state government to receive the Baldrige-based Missouri Quality Award.  He also developed a model for achieving public-sector results, contributing to a top-five ranking by Government Performance Project.  

Following his service in state government, he continued to work in education, focusing on increasing completion of education beyond high school while a leader of two nonprofit organizations.  Early public service included staff work for three Members of the U.S. Congress. 

Quentin Wilson currently provides leadership, guidance and support to government, education and nonprofit sector organizations seeking extraordinary performance particularly through the application of data and analysis to more effectively achieve measurable results.