This is totally old news -- from June 20th, to be precise.  But I missed it.  New York City's 311 call center -- a number you can call for everything from reporting a pothole to asking a question about how to pay your taxes -- celebrated its 50 millionth call.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg held a press conference to trumpet the milestone, and you can watch the video here.

311 has really transformed a lot of the city's services.  From the citizens' perspective, they've gone from 11 pages of government phone numbers in the phone book to one single, easy-to-remember, three-digit number.

And the city's using the system in a variety of great ways.  It's reducing the amount of calls to 911 call centers, speeding the time it takes to solve citizens' problems, and helping the city decide where it needs to allocate resources.

And it's even being expanded right now.

A panel of NYC managers, some involved directly with 311 and some not, talked about the system at the conference this afternoon.