Kanika Tomalin is the deputy mayor of St. Petersburg, Fla., but she doesn't see herself as a politician.

She was appointed to the job in 2013 and says she never had her sights set on becoming a public official. Her family has been in St. Petersburg for five generations, and her family members span across socioeconomic lines. That vantage point, she says, gives her a unique understanding of deep-rooted issues around generational poverty and health disparities, which she's spent her tenure trying to eradicate.

Thanks to Healthy St. Pete, a community initiative she championed, the city now has a bike-share program and offers free fitness classes in local park -- and that's just scratching the surface.

On this episode of "The 23%: Conversations With Women in Government," she also discusses cleanup efforts from Hurricane Irma and how you can help.

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