Former Gov. Chris Gregoire on the "Bloodsport" of Politics

In a new podcast interview, the former two-term Washington governor says the lack of women in public office is her "biggest pet peeve."
by | October 17, 2017 AT 9:00 AM
Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire before giving her final State of the State speech in 2013. AP

Despite her two decades of high-profile elected office, former Washington State Gov. Christine Gregoire wants to be clear that even she -- like most women, research shows -- needed prodding before she would consider running for office. Now four years out of office, she says she's exasperated to see the needle on the number of women in public office not moving.

"It's my biggest pet peeve right now," she says. "Women need to see how qualified they are, how valued they are."

Gregoire acknowledges that politics is a bit of a "bloodsport," especially now, but she wants women to know that she would never regret running for office. Despite the rough-and-tumble nature of a political campaign, she notes that even her husband and two daughters are glad she served, which "is the ultimate marker that you should give it a go."

She also reflects on her tenure as governor, and what she misses -- and doesn't miss -- about leading a state.

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