With liberal use of local television news clips to itemize the candidate's accomplishments in office, an extended campaign video about Gov. Mark Dayton opens in black and white on a troubled Minnesota of 2009, saddled with a $4.6 billion deficit.

  The Dayton reelection video evokes the now familiar Detroit-back-from-the-brink visual aesthetic as it shifts from bleak urban landscapes of four years ago to more hopeful scenes from today.   "A better Minnesota for all of us depends on all of us," says Dayton in a stump speech from the last campaign before the voice over announcer affirms, "Minnesota is rising [and is] getting back on track."   The video called Getting Better, released January 30, 2014, is among the first in a field of 38 gubernatorial elections in 2014.  Dayton is among the 31 incumbent governors who are eligible to run again this year.   The three-minute video is replete with Lake Wobegon-like visuals of Minnesotans at work and in their neighborhoods, images local viewers are likely to see recut into 30 and 60 second ads later in the campaign.