Infrastructure & Environment

After Carbon Tax Fails in Washington, Focus Turns to 9 Other States

Washington state won’t be enacting the nation’s first tax on greenhouse gas emissions this year. But the idea has grown more popular in the states since President Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement.

The Public Startup Charting Bold New Waters

Water utilities are struggling to lower their operation costs and simultaneously meet stricter environmental rules. Blue Drop, the brainchild of DC Water’s former leader, wants to help.

As Trump Threatens to Kill New York Tunnel Project, Its Leader Responds

"There’s an important principle here that affects not just Gateway but every major project in the country," says the head of the project that advocates call one of the nation's most crucial.

The Pact Changing How Governments Respond to Disaster

In moments of disaster, local and federal resources are rarely enough. But another answer is emerging.

• To Help Rebuild Puerto Rico, Mainland Mayors Partner With Island Counterparts