Infrastructure & Environment

In Final Push, U.S. Transportation Secretary Calls on Leaders to Rethink Their Mission

Outgoing Anthony Foxx says the industry needs to work more cooperatively to plan for the future.

New Election Cyberprotections Cause Confusion and Concern

Left with unanswered questions, state and local election officials are worried about the Department of Homeland Security's latest attempt to stop hackers. DHS' response? Calm down. We're here to help.

Mayors Vow Not to Let Feds Trump Their Climate Change Fight

As the new administration likely backs away from Obama's commitment to reduce greenhouse gases, mayors are stepping up their efforts.

FEMA's Plan to Make States Pay More for Disasters

It's one of the many ideas and practices that Craig Fugate, the agency's outgoing leader, hopes the Trump administration will adopt. Among the others: rescuing pets.

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