Infrastructure & Environment

4 Ways Uber Wants to Expand Its Services

Under CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, the company wants to partner with cities and be more than just a rideshare.

• To Uber and Lyft's Displeasure, Cities Start Taxing Them

More Poorer Residents Are Driving Cars, Presenting New Issues for Transit Agencies

More lower-income households have access to cars now than they did before the Great Recession. That’s good news for their access to jobs, but it may cause cities to rethink their assumptions about transportation.

Transportation Tragedies Shine Light on Pedestrian Infrastructure Needs

Many advocates say the deadly bridge collapse in Florida and driverless car incident in Arizona show how poorly transportation networks handle pedestrians.

The Four-Letter Word Changing Daily Commutes

Paying an extra toll for rush hour driving isn’t a popular idea with many motorists. But its time seems to have come. Is it here to stay?