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Wis. Legislature Reexamines Policy Of Rehiring Retired Public Employees

Wisconsin state legislators are taking a closer look at the state's rehiring policies allowing government workers to simultaneously collect a pension and a paycheck, the Green Bay Press-Gazette reports.

Since 2005, more than 6,000 public employees have retired and then been rehired, according to the state Department of Employee Trust Funds. They've been allowed to earn their usual salary plus up to $70,000 in pensions, according to the Press-Gazette.

Gov. Scott Walker has come out in favor of proposed legislation that would end retirement payments for government employees who retire and return to work at least half-time. People who currently receive a salary and a pension would not be affected, however, the newspaper reports.

Another proposal would require retirees to wait 180 days before returning to work, up from 30 days under current law.

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Dylan Scott is a GOVERNING staff writer.

Twitter: @dylanlscott

Dylan Scott is a GOVERNING staff writer.

Twitter: @dylanlscott


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