Public Safety & Justice

With FCC Blocked, Will States Make Prison Calls Affordable?

They're too expensive for many low-income families, but courts recently ruled that the federal government can’t regulate their cost. States still can.

Why the Latest News on Marijuana and Car Crashes Has Some Experts Skeptical

Other studies have found no significant effect in the number of crashes since the first three states legalized marijuana sales.

Judicial Redistricting: Issue Politicians Don't Want to Discuss

Kentucky's failed attempt this year illustrates a problem that many states face: Some judges are severely overworked while others don't have enough to do. But fixing that can be politically impossible.

Don't Mess With Raul Reyes, Mayor of the Tiny Town That's Suing Texas

He was first elected as a 21-year-old. More than a decade later, he has put himself and his border community at the center of the national immigration debate over "sanctuary cities."

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