Public Safety & Justice

Why Trump's 'Sanctuary Cities' Policy Is Likely to Lose in Court

But even if courts block the Trump administration from defunding cities sympathetic to immigrants, Congress could still carry out the White House's wishes.

• Appeals Court Lets Texas Enforce More Parts of 'Sanctuary Cities' Ban

The Upcoming Supreme Court Cases That Matter Most to States and Localities

In the term that starts Oct. 2, the justices will hear cases that could drastically alter the country's political, financial and social landscape.

California Poised to Be a 'Sanctuary State.' Will Others Follow?

A couple of other states are considering similar bills. It was an uphill battle -- even in one of the most pro-immigrant states.

• New York Governor Restricts What State Workers Can Say About Immigration

As Protests Escalate Under Trump, States Seek New Ways to Deter Them

Stricter rules and penalties for protesting are being considered in nearly half the states.