Public Safety & Justice

Maggots With a Side of Dirt? What Privatization Does to Prison Food

The meals served to prisoners have been a catalyst for riots throughout history. Prison advocates and workers say outsourcing the kitchens to companies only makes them worse.

Murder, Scandal and a State Intervention: What's Going on With Baltimore's Police Department?

Homicide rates are at an all-time high in the city, and its police department has been mired in turmoil. The state is stepping in.

Delaware Strengthens Bail Reform Movement

The state joins a small but growing movement to curb the practice of incarcerating low-risk offenders who can't afford bail.

Mayors Boycott Trump Meeting After Sanctuary Cities Threat

Most leaders and some members of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, including at least one Republican, backed out of a planned infrastructure meeting with the president on Wednesday.

• DOJ Threatens 23 Immigrant Sanctuaries With Subpoenas