Why It Took Alabama's Governor So Long to Resign

The news of Robert Bentley's affair with one of his aides broke more than a year ago. But both the governor and his party had reasons for him to stay in office.

Scott Walker Is a Top Target for Democrats. So Why Can't They Find Someone to Run Against Him?

A lack of serious gubernatorial candidates could be a problem for Democrats not just in Wisconsin but other states where the party is hoping to make gains next year.

The End of Local Laws? War on Cities Intensifies in Texas

Gov. Greg Abbott, an outspoken critic of federal overreach, recently suggested that his state should adopt a "ban across the board" on local regulations.

Can Democrats Channel Anti-Trump Anger Into Votes at the State Level?

The party is hoping to regain seats it lost during the Obama years. Democrats say there are already signs of change, but Republicans argue there's no proof of that yet.

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