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Sunday Alcohol Sales Making a Comeback

In the last decade, 15 states have repealed so-called blue laws that banned Sunday sales of beer, wine and liquor.

There was a time when would-be tipplers looking for a Sunday swig faced very limited options: Most states banned sales of hard liquor on Sundays. But that’s changing. In the past decade, 15 states have repealed bans on Sunday sales, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Thirteen states still restrict such sales, but only Connecticut and Indiana ban Sunday sales of all alcohol, including beer and wine. Some Connecticut lawmakers want to repeal the Prohibition-era ban and let localities decide whether to sell on Sundays. That effort recently scored a major victory, when the state’s package stores’ lobby came out in favor of repealing the law.

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Alan Greenblatt is a Governing staff writer.

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