Health & Human Services

After Passing Several Innovative Health Policies, Nevada Reaches Its Limit: Medicaid for All

While Congress is gridlocked on health care, the state's GOP governor and Democratic legislature have been busy finding common ground -- til now.

Can States Do Anything to Keep Health Insurers From Leaving?

Ohio and Missouri now have dozens of counties without an insurer. Other states are trying to prevent a similar situation, but their actions can only go so far.

Texas Tries (Again) to Reboot Its Troubled Child Welfare System

Child advocates say the state is taking encouraging first steps in turning around an underfunded and overburdened agency -- but it has a long way to go.

The Marketing Strategy for Unhealthy Products: Racially Profile

Tobacco and soda companies disproportionately target minority citizens and lawmakers with advertising and lobbying. One city is fed up.

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