Health & Human Services

Massachusetts Could Require Paid Sick Leave Next

Voters in Massachusetts will decide in November whether to make paid sick time a required benefit for most workers after California became only the second state to do so Wednesday.

Florida May Become First Southern State to Allow Medical Pot

Supporters say the measure would help combat the state's epidemic of painkiller abuse, but polls have fluctuated wildly, and opponents are seizing on a controversial video to question their true intentions.

A Plan to Save $1.7 Trillion in Health Care and Give Most to States

A new proposal could have bipartisan appeal because it places states in command of reform and offers broad flexibility.

States Making Long-Term Birth Control More Accessible

Medicaid pays for most unintended pregnancies, spurring even some of the most conservative states to make long-term contraception that's proven to be cheaper and more effective than the pill more accessible for doctors and patients.

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