Health & Human Services

In Defunding Planned Parenthood, States Don't Always Follow Party Lines

President Trump and congressional Republicans want to strip federal funding from clinics that provide abortions. But not every GOP governor will help.

Welfare Reform Offers a Window Into Block-Granting Medicaid

Republicans want to do with health care what they already did with cash assistance for the poor. There are lessons to be learned.

Failed Health Bill Fuels New Momentum for Expanding Medicaid

In the days since Republicans killed their health-care plan, support for one of Obamacare's central policies has grown in states where the GOP has stunted it for years.

What the Unemployment Drug-Testing Bill That Trump Just Signed Means for States

The legislation undoes an Obama-era regulation about who can be drug tested. States will likely get more say over the matter, but not just yet.

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