Health & Human Services

Implementing States' Medicaid Wishes Won't Be Cheap

As the Trump administration lets states experiment with work requirements and other eligibility rules, the costs are adding up. Some policy experts worry they are "shifting spending from health care for needy families to administrative bureaucracy."

• Are Work Requirements for Medicaid Doomed?

Trump Wants to End States' Power to Make Food Stamps More Accessible During Recessions

The president, who often stresses the need for states to have more flexibility, wants to give them less when it comes to food stamps.

Trump Budget Calls for Work Requirements for Housing Aid

The president's budget released on Monday confirms most of a leaked proposal and would add to the administration's recent changes to the safety net.

• Are Work Requirements for Medicaid Doomed?

Spending Deal Ends Uncertainty for Health Programs -- But at Cost to CDC

After a four-month standoff, and a brief shutdown on Friday, Congress will provide long-term relief to community health centers and programs that help at-risk parents and low-income families.