Health & Human Services

How America's Overmedicating Low-Income and Foster Kids

More kids in the U.S., especially low-income and foster-care children, are on antipsychotics than in any other country. States are just starting to intervene.

Does Obama Have a Plan B If SCOTUS Strikes Down Subsidies?

That's what House Republicans, who allege that a secret plan exists to maintain health insurance subsidies, repeatedly asked the president's top health official.

Republicans Unveil Conditions for Funding Children's Insurance

The Congressional bill sets the stage for negotiations with Democrats to keep lower-income children insured and state budgets from turmoil.

In New York, Single-Payer Hopeful Isn't Giving Up

Vermont may have abandoned the country’s only effort to enact single-payer health care, but one state legislator thinks the Affordable Care Act’s flaws will boost his cause.

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