Health & Human Services

In States' Fight for Price Transparency, Drugmakers Are Winning

Struggling to afford new lifesaving drugs for low-income patients, states are trying to force manufacturers to reveal their costs and profits.

Obamacare Insured More People, But Many States Haven't Ensured There Are Enough Doctors

Since Obamacare launched, few states have enacted any new rules to make sure patients have access to doctors. How long will states wait and see if new regulations are needed?

Indiana Up Against Clock and Governor on Needle Exchanges

Facing an HIV outbreak, some lawmakers want to extend needle-exchange programs to more at-risk counties. But time and the governor may not be on their side.

Why Kansas' New Welfare Rules Are Basically Unenforceable

The state's law banning welfare spending on entertainment and luxury goods and services sparked a national debate about how people use public assistance.

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