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After the Storm: Mission-critical outage management

400,000 customers without power. 4,200 light poles and 400 transmission system structures either damaged or destroyed. And one of the costliest natural disasters in US history with total damages of approximately $11 billion. On April 27, 2011, a large investor-owned utility and Sensus customer experienced what has been dubbed a “tornado super outbreak”, dealing a severe blow to both the communities in the region as well as the utility itself. Preparedness for such an event demands a successful outage management strategy driven by the following business-critical use cases: ­ 

  • Shortening the duration of outages by reducing reliance on customer calls; ­
  • Providing detailed information to quickly identify and resolve outage root causes, and ­
  • Reduction in the number of truck rolls due to false outages.

Download the solution brief to learn more, including how Sensus FlexNet® can help you develop a mission-critical outage strategy before the storm.