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Pay One Parking Ticket, Get One Free With Cloud

At Oracle, we are developing a number of cloud services to help agencies streamline workflows and engage digitally with customers to drive smarter, more connected government.

Big Cloud for Small Government

Oracle has been working with small and medium-sized cities to provide affordable solutions designed to spark the digital transformation of core business processes.

Oracle Streamlines the Paperwork of Permits

This new solution takes direct aim at the siloed, manual and paper-driven processes that surround residential and commercial construction, the heartbeat of any municipality seeking to serve its constituents and entice businesses and citizens to call their city home.


Demystifying Platform-as-a-Service for Government

Five simple steps to help you spend more time and effort on innovation.

Five Ways to Triage Your Legacy Government IT Systems

Today, with cloud environments replacing the sprawling on-premises data centers, it’s rare that one can justify or afford the “big bang” type of system replacement, so an IT triage plan is more important than ever before.

City Hall plaza in Albuquerque, N.M.

Road Trip: In Search of the Smartest City in the World

The ease and decreasing cost of technology solutions introduce some wondrous achievements, from self-driving cars to self-healing databases.

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Learn How the Cloud Can Power HHS Modernization

Learn how the cloud can help you move faster on HHS modernization, deploy apps your workforce and clients need, and unlock the power of data.

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