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*Oracle will be an anchor sponsor with a speaking session and a will have a table top display.


Government 360 Pillar III: Smarter Solutions for a Connected Government

[Watch Now] Learn how agencies can integrate technologies like mobility, the Internet of Things and AI to increase efficiency, reduce costs and empower citizens.

Government 360: Amplifying Democracy Through Technology

Watch now to learn how your agency can build a flexible, secure cloud infrastructure in this four-part blueprint for government modernization.

Learn How the Cloud Can Power HHS Modernization

On May 23, learn how the cloud can help you move faster on HHS modernization, deploy apps your workforce and clients need, and unlock the power of data.

Government 360 Pillar II: How to Adopt an Automated and Mobile-Enabled Back Office

[On Demand Webinar] Hear directly from IT leaders at the State of Nebraska and Shelby County Schools (TN) on how to move key back office systems to the cloud.

Small City, Big Future: How the Cloud Can Set the Stage for Innovation

On-Demand Webinar: Learn how St. Croix County, WI transitioned to a cloud-based enterprise resource planning solution for key system modernization.

Cloud for Campus: Building a Practical Path to a Modern Enterprise Cloud

Watch Now: Learn how colleges & universities are using a "lift and shift" incremental approach to modernize systems and take advantage of all cloud has to offer.

Featured Webinar

Government 360: Tomorrow’s Innovation, Today

Pillar I: How to build a modern, secure infrastructure rooted in the cloud.

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