N.C. Gov. McCrory Vetoes Drug Testing for Welfare Aid

Gov. Pat McCrory vetoed a measure that would have imposed a drug-testing mandate on some welfare applicants. The bill called for candidates to submit to screening if officials had “reasonable suspicion” of drug use. McCrory, a Republican, described the proposal in a statement as “a recipe for government overreach and unnecessary government intrusion.” The legislature, which the GOP controls, overwhelmingly approved the plan in July and could try to override the veto.
August 16, 2013

Gov. Pat McCrory vetoed his first two bills -- both minor pieces of legislation on controversial topics that experts say allow the governor to emphasize his independence from both the Republican legislature and a strictly partisan agenda.

The vetoes on bills dealing with immigration and the drug testing of welfare recipients mark the widest fissure yet between McCrory and his GOP allies in the General Assembly. But it is a gap that lawmakers can ignore because they have the votes to easily override due to a Republican majority and significant bipartisan support on both pieces of legislation.

It would be up to the House of Representatives to initiate override votes since both bills originated in that chamber. House Speaker Thom Tillis – a close ally of the governor – said he will talk to members of the GOP caucus in the coming days to see what they want to do.

But Tillis issued a measured statement immediately after the vetoes were announced saying he was disappointed in the governor’s actions. Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger could not be reached for comment.


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