After the controversy over former Philadelphia schools superintendent Arlene Ackerman's nearly $1 million buyout, the Pennsylvania Senate voted this week to limit the severance pay to departing school leaders to one year's salary and benefits if they have more than two years of their contract remaining, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

The bill would also require more transparency about superintendent payouts, according to the newspaper. It passed unanimously through the Senate and now moves to the House.

School leaders with less than two years left on their contracts would be eligible to receive no more than half of their remaining compensation, according to the Inquirer.

Ackerman's $905,000 severance package (which include tens of thousands of dollars in unused vacation time) caused an uproar for its exorbitance. The school district attempted to solicit private donations to pay for half of the buyout, but concerns about transparency squelched that plan, and the district was forced to pay the entire amount. 

The district is facing a $218 million deficit for the coming school year, according to the newspaper.