Ohio Gov. John Kasich's administration released a report this week that aims to allow local governments in the state to better coordinate and share services, reports the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

The governor's office surveyed municipalities about current collaboration efforts and released 10 recommendations about local governments, school districts and other agencies could improve their cooperation. Generally, the report pushes for a regionalized approach to services, when appropriate, and urges localities to take advantage of a new state statute that eases the process for entering into a shared-services agreement, according to the Plain Dealer.

Kasich and his staff view the recommendations as a way for local governments to avoid raising taxes or asking for additional state funding, according to the newspaper.

The Ohio governor has garnered some criticism for the budget that he and a Republican-majority legislature passed this year that cut aid to local governments by 34 percent. His proposal for the next fiscal year includes the elimination of an estate tax, which gives 80 percent of its revenue to cities and towns, according to the Plain Dealer.

The full report, "Beyond Boundaires", is below.

  Ohio Beyond Boundaries (PDF)
Ohio Beyond Boundaries (Text)