Details of Proposed Detroit Consent Agreement Revealed

A nine-person panel could oversee the city under a plan being circulated by state officials.
March 13, 2012

A proposed consent agreement between Detroit and the state of Michigan would give a new oversight board the power to review and approve the city's funding sources, capital budgets and operating budget, the Detroit News reports.

The nine-member board -- which includes the state treasurer and appointees by the treasurer, governor, mayor and city council -- would be tasked with repairing the city's finances and overseeing its chief operating and financial officers, human resources director and other appointees, according to the newspaper.

It would work to outsource some city functions and sell city assets, among other repairs. The document doesn't call for the state to provide short-term funding to the city.

The agreement is viewed as something of a compromise to avoid putting an emergency manager in Detroit. Emergency managers, who have been installed in other Michigan cities, have the authority to render locally elected officials powerless. While that wouldn't be the case in Detroit, some council members say it's an intrusion of the state's authority.


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