Indiana has joined 21 other states that offer Free File tax services for lower-income residents to file their state and federal income taxes, the state Department of Revenue announced Tuesday.

Beginning in 2012, the state will offer the free online tax filing services, developed in 2003 by the Internal Revenue Service and tax software developers. These tax filing services are operated by four different companies -- H&R Block, Online Tax, TaxHawk and TurboTax -- each with their criteria for free filing services, according to a department press release. Generally, though, taxpayers making $57,000 in adjusted gross income will be able to participate.

The Department of Revenue projects that up to 1 million Indiana taxpayers would qualify for the service. It also anticipates savings of up to $165,000 annually as Free File replaces I-File, the state-run online tax filing service established in 1999. Free File also allows its user to file their state and federal taxes simultaneously, according to the release.

Joining the Free File network "is a big step forward for Indiana taxpayers, both in terms of ease of use and convenience," Department of Revenue Commissioner Jay Eckert said in a statement. "Plus, it's free. That's pretty hard to beat."