Montana state Sen. Larry Jent, who's trailing behind his challenger in campaign fundraising, may be turning the tide of what's so far been a quiet gubernatorial race.

Earlier this week, Jent urged his opponent, Attorney General Steve Bullock, to reveal his positions on energy policies, asking, "Does anyone know where Steve stands on energy?" according to the Missoulian. He also urged Bullock to push President Barack Obama to support the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline, which pending federal approval will travel from Texas through several states, including Montana, to Canada. Apparently, some do know where Steve stands on energy though, because according to his campaign spokesman, Kevin O'Brien, Bullock sent a letter to Obama in September expressing his support for the pipeline.

"With tight regulation and appropriate, long-term oversight, the Keystone XL pipeline project has the ability to create thousands of jobs, in Montana, advance domestic security and be a shot in the arm to our economy," Bullock reportedly wrote to Obama.

Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer approved the pipeline in December. Obama has until Feb. 21.

As far as energy goes, Bullock's spokesman told the Missoulian he supports investment in the state's natural resources like coal, wind, oil and gas, but only with responsible development.

Both Jent and Bullock were lawyers in private practice before joining the public sector. As of December 31, Bullock has raised $231,819 for his campaign, while Jent has raised a mere $6,788.