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Director of Budget & Strategic Planning - Norfolk, VA (US)
Operations and Policy Analyst 4 (Government Relations Manager) - Salem, OR (US)
Clerk/Administrator - Lakeland, MN (US - 55043)
Accountant - Upland, CA (US)
Town Clerk / Treasurer (OPEN UNTIL FILLED) - Center, CO (US)
Director, Department of Conservation and Development - Martinez, CA (US)
Senior Legislative Representative - Washington, DC (US)
Progressive Policy Analyst - Washington, DC (US)
Manager of Government Relations - State Affairs - Washington, DC (US)
Temporary Senior Advocacy & Public Policy Manager - Washington, DC (US)
Regional Outreach Director - Multiple Locations - Washington, DC (US)
Operations and Policy Analyst 2 (CareAccord Engagement Specialist) - Salem, OR (US)
Operations and Policy Analyst 2 (Business Analyst) - Salem, OR (US)
Operations and Policy Analyst 3 (Nurse Program Consultant) - Salem, OR (US)
Operations and Policy Analyst 3 (Dental Pilots Project Coordinator) - Salem, OR (US)
Operations and Policy Analyst 4 (Electrical Program Chief) - Salem, OR (US)
Accountant - Broken Arrow, OK (US)
City Administrator - Saint Paul, MN (US - 55101)
Deputy Regional Political Director - Southeast - Atlanta, GA (US)
Operating Budget Manager - Raleigh, NC (US)
Operations and Policy Analyst 4 (OAAPI Safety Coordinator) - Salem, OR (US)
Operations and Policy Analyst 2 (SBHS and Medicaid Administrative Claiming) - Salem, OR (US)
Operations and Policy Analyst 4 (APAC Program Manager) - Salem, OR (US)
Operations and Policy Analyst 2 (DD Complaint Specialist) - Salem, OR (US)
Operations and Policy Analyst 2 (Energy Manager) - Salem, OR (US)
Legislative Assistant - Washington, DC (US)
Program Manager - SSMCP - Lakewood, WA (US)
Community Reinvestment Division Manager G24 - Columbus, GA (US)
Operations and Policy Analyst 3 (Policy Analyst) - Salem, OR (US)
Development Services Manager - Charlottesville, VA (US)
Associate City Planner (Limited Term) - Urban Design and Planning - Gresham, OR (US)
Budget and Management Analyst - Raleigh, NC (US)
Government Relations Director, Energy - Washington, DC (US)
Building Services Administrative Secretary - Mesquite, TX (US)
Budget & Policy Analyst - Norfolk, VA (US)
Rail Project Manager II - Los Angeles, CA (US)
Road & Highway Project Manager - Ontario, CA - Ontario, CA (US)
Human Resources Manager - No Longer Accepting Applications - Posted Until Filled - Missouri City, TX (US)
Economic & Policy Analyst - Norfolk, VA (US)
Operations and Policy Analyst 2 (Coordinator of Agency Rules Group) - Salem, OR (US)
Demand Generation Manager - El Segundo, CA (US)
Legislative Assistant - Washington, DC (US)
Deputy City Administrator - Development Svc - Blue Springs, MO (US)
Deputy City Engineer - Rohnert Park, CA (US)
Planning Manager - Current Planning - Lakewood, WA (US)
Town Manager, Rutherfordton, NC - Durham, NC (US)
Information Technology (IT) Manager - Lakewood, WA (US)
City Manager - Upland, CA (US)
Economic Development Manager - Lakewood, WA (US)
Management Intern (Part-Time) - Santa Ana, CA (US)
TECHNOLOGY: Systems Engineer - Los Angeles, CA (US)
Facilities Project Manager - Los Angeles, CA (US)
Management Services Intern - Corona, CA (US)
Code Enforcement Manager - Vista, CA (US)
Director of Law and City Attorney - Wichita, KS (US)
Regional Political Director - Southern Pacific - Los Angeles, CA (US)
Regional Political Director - Mid-Atlantic - Baltimore, MD (US)
Progressive Regional Outreach Director - New England - Boston, MA (US)
Executive Assistant to the Mayor - Norfolk, VA (US)
Operations and Policy Analyst 3 (Technical Specialist) - Salem, OR (US)
Deputy National Political Director - Washington, DC (US)
Area Director - Baltimore - Baltimore, MD (US)
Regional Outreach Director - Pacific Northwest - San Francisco, CA (US)
Regional Outreach Director - Northeast - New York, NY (US)
Regional Outreach Director for Veterans - Southwest - Houston, TX (US)
Deputy Regional Political Director - Midwest - Chicago, IL (US)
Senior Director of Government Relations - Washington, DC (US)
Director of Parks and Recreation - Wichita, KS (US)
Management Intern - up to 400 hours - Tucson, AZ (US)
Records Management Coordinator - Washington, DC (US)
Executive Director - Slover Library - Norfolk, VA (US)
Sr. Planner - New Port Richey, FL (US)
Planning Supervisor (14029, Grade J) - Riverdale, MD (US)