Wikis Open Water Discussions

A UNC professor set up an online space where experts and officials can share and expand their water policy knowledge.
by | July 29, 2010

In the South, growing populations and a growing demand for water have pushed states into court over securing their fair share of H2O. To help experts and officials share and expand their water policy knowledge, University of North Carolina School of Government Professor Richard Whisnant set up an online space to discuss Southeast water issues. The Water Wiki, launched in 2008, is a "collaborative water study" where users can browse articles on topics such as water bills in the North Carolina legislature, past water policy events, and water policies other states are pursuing. Registered users can also add, edit and expand articles on the site. Past additions to the wiki included articles on stormwater education and coastal water management. Over the course of two years, 405 registered users contributed over 5,300 edits to the site. Other areas of the country, like San Diego and the Great Lakes region, also have wikis addressing water issues in those areas.