People stuck working odd hours -- early morning or late night -- are usually out of luck if their ride is public transportation. Outside of New York City and Chicago, where the transit systems run 24/7, most systems close overnight, leaving anyone without a car stranded. Using a $40,000 grant, the Bay Metropolitan Transportation Authority in Bay County, Michigan, has expanded its on-call service, Dial-A-Ride, to provide rides to early-morning and late-night commuters. Formerly reserved for seniors and people with disabilities, Dial-A-Ride charges users $1 per ride, while the grant from the Michigan Department of Transportation's Job Access Reverse Commute Program picks up the rest. Officials hope that in addition to helping people get to work, Dial-A-Ride will also help some low-income county residents transition off welfare and into the workforce. About 850 people have taken advantage of the service since it began in October -- about 60 rides a week. The program will run as long as state funding is available. To learn more, contact the BMTA general manager's office at 989-894-2900.