Hoping to encourage more of its riders to pedal rather than drive to train stations, officials of San Francisco's Bay Area Rapid Transit are introducing new electronic lockers to store bicycles. Unlike key lockers that are rented for an entire year to one person, the new e-lockers will be rented by the hour on a first-come, first-served basis. Using a prepaid smart card, cyclists are charged three cents an hour, and the rental fee is deducted only when their bikes are retrieved. BART plans to install 198 of these metal e-lockers at eight stations by July, and 220 e-lockers at 12 additional stations by 2009. Overall, BART hopes to have 895 e-lockers available by 2012, and will phase out the key lockers during that time. BART officials believe more people will bike to stations now that they'll have a secure place to store their bikes. The free racks, already available at hundreds of stations, are more susceptible to thieves who slice through cables and locks to steal bikes. To learn more, click here.